July 13th, 2010

No Parking

Return of the nuvi

I was home this morning until the mid-afternoon, so I noticed that the UPS driver no longer asks for a signature when he delivers a package. He knocked on my front door and left immediately. When I opened the door, I didn't see anything on the doorstep so I was momentarily puzzled. Then I saw that he had hidden the package behind a bush. It's just like geocaching. :)

Anyway, that package was the nüvi 205W returning from Garmin. So it took just over a week to get it back. That's not bad at all. It was only frustrating when I had to work with Garmin support to get them to see that it was a hardware problem and not fixable at my end. Once the GPS is in their hands, there's no fuss and turnaround is fairly quick. Also, as is usually the case, they didn't fix the one I sent in. They sent me a replacement instead, which is fine by me because the old nüvi already had a couple of scratches on it.

A few months ago, utility workers came by and dug up half the sidewalk (the part that used to be grass) to lay down pipes. They didn't do a good job filling it up again and it was uneven. Also, they left the end of my driveway as dirt so that's what I've been driving on every day getting in and out. Well, they came back with their heavy machinery on Friday and covered the rest of the sidewalk in dirt. Unfortunately, they did that before a heavy rain so it's a bit messy. I hope they'll pave over it this time instead of replanting grass so it'll be maintenance-free.