July 17th, 2010

morton blvd

West Chester, Westtown, East Bradford

Sunny and 90-95°F. Hot day! I wasn't planning on going too far today so I just went to the West Chester area to find some new geocaches and also a few old ones that I skipped on previous trips for various reasons. My first stop was at Oakbourne Park for "Bat Guano" and "Turtle Pond", but when I got there, I saw a long line of cars for a scout day camp. So I left the park, made a circle around West Chester for the other caches, and returned to Oakbourne Park at the end of the day for those two caches.

I was pretty lucky today. I found all the potentially troublesome cache hides in seconds. "Forty North Exactly", "Nuts! 4 Nuts!", and "Home Of West Side Baseball" are all very subtle hides but for some reason, those didn't pose a problem today. Also, I walked right up to "For Ever in my hart" even though there was a more likely location nearby that's actually closer to the posted coordinates. It was just a good guess based on incomplete information.

Stopped at McDonald's in Concordville on the way home for two filet-o-fish sandwiches, as I get near the end of my McDonald's coupon booklet. I'm trying to use the built-in camera on the netbook to post food photos where there is wi-fi internet. It has the same resolution as my cell phone camera but it does a bit better with indoor lighting.

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