July 27th, 2010


Lancaster XVI - Colerain, Little Britain, Muddy Run, Holtwood

Sunny and 80-85°F. More importantly, it wasn't humid. I went geocaching in the western part of Chester County and crossed over into the southeastern part of Lancaster County. I've been through that way before but the first time around, I didn't tackle the long hikes. This time I did. I went up one side of Octoraro Lake, walked up the hill and then back to parking and along the lake. Then I started from the parking area on the other side of the road and walked along the lake on that side. It's a nice area.

After Octoraro Lake, I geocached in the towns of Colerain and Little Britain. Visited Holtwood Preserve and Muddy Run Park. There are many geocaches in Muddy Run but I only did the two quickest ones because it was close to sunset by then. I'll return for the others another day.

Dinner was Fish & More at the Fictional Pirate place on US-30 in Lancaster. (I'm giving their Manheim Pike location a rest.) Getting home from there was arduous. There is roadwork on both US-30 and Route 772, the only two routes that make sense for my direction of travel. I tried Route 772 tonight, only to discover that detouring around the closed bridge added 5 or 6 miles to the trip because of the way the country roads are laid out and because some of the country roads are closed too.

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