August 21st, 2010

morton blvd

New Castle Heritage Greenway Trail

Sunny and 85-90°F. Funny how a simple trip to the bank and the Sprint store ended up with a 7-geocache spree this afternoon. A bunch of new geocaches along and near the freshly-paved rail trail running through town got listed today. I tried a few of those geocaches and even got a FTF at "Get Right To The Point #5" because this particular one is a tough bushwhack. Then I figured what the hey? I might as well do the remaining 2.2-mile walk and get the rail trail caches heading north from Route 273. Although long, it was an easy walk on a flat paved path. I also found "Swamp Water", an older geocache that I hadn't gotten around to finding until today.

After that, I went to Lone Star Steakhouse to use a coupon on its last valid day. I had bacon bleu burger with cheese fries. Since I had cheese fries from the coupon, the server offered to substitute something else for the fries that normally come with the burger. So I got a salad. During the meal, they also brought bread. All that was in addition to the complimentary bucket of peanuts, so this restaurant is becoming one of those places where you won't leave hungry. I'm still waiting for the other Lone Star in Wilmington to reopen though. That renovation is taking quite a while.

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