August 22nd, 2010

morton ave

New Castle Rail Trail again

Sunny and 85-90°F. I wasn't planning on going anywhere today but more new geocaches showed up in the listings. The only errand I had to do was to take the old newspapers and store circulars to the recycling center. I did that and proceeded to the rail trail for the new batch of geocaches.

"New Castle Rail Trail Cache #15" was a difficult one because coordinates were 400 feet off. The published coordinates led me to a car title loan place. After poking at the bushes there a bit, I thought "Nah! This can't be it." So I went to the rail trail parking area and had an idea. I figured why not walk the rail trail to the fence at the end since that's where it sounded like the cache was going to be. Also, I guessed that the latitude was correct. So I watched the GPS and proceeded along the paved area until the latitude matched. Then I saw a dirt path leading through the bushes. Followed it and found the cache! As is often the case for troublesome caches, I got the FTF. I let the GPS sit a while and saved the new coordinates. Later, I ran into BenamBenam3 and JohnnyWalker19 on another section of the rail trail and shared the coordinates with them. So we were the only ones to find #15 today.

There was another new geocache in Newark so I went and found "Eeek! A Mouse Ate My Nano" before dusk fell. Then I went to Quiznos in Newark because years after I stopped going to Quiznos, they were still sending me coupons. I didn't have any beef with the local Quiznos yet so I figured I might as well give them a try. I must say though that for a glorified Subway, they sure do overcharge for their subs. All the small subs are over $5! The coupon code I had turned into a $5.08 discount! I doubt I'd ever go to Quiznos if not for coupons and that is a problem. Anyway, I had a baja chicken sub.

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