August 28th, 2010

morton blvd

Cecil County - North East, Perryville, Port Deposit

Sunny, 80-85°F. Having no coherent plan for the day, I decided to finish off some Cecil County geocaches. This time, I went to North East, Perryville, and Port Deposit. I thought it went rather well in spite of some less-than-optimal outcomes along the way. There were a few caches I attempted that turned out to be not as difficult as rated. For example, "Ode to Garrett Island Cache" is rated 4 stars for difficulty but I found it right away. "Swamp Lion" is rated 4 stars for terrain but the swamp was dry today. I also finally got around to "Gotcha Covered", a cache I couldn't do the last time I was in the area because of construction near the covered bridge.

In the evening, I had a turkey burger at Ruby Tuesday in Bear to use a coupon from their mailing list. Ruby Tuesday is now serving complimentary garlic cheese biscuits, which are pretty good. The downside is the price of the Ruby Minis & salad bar combo has gone up a dollar, so that's why I didn't get that this time.

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