August 31st, 2010

morton ave

Local loop

Sunny, 90-95°F. Did a few new geocaches and a few old ones today, remaining within the county (New Castle, Hockessin, Yorklyn), except for a brief period in Landenberg, PA, for "SL Boathouse". The first geocache I found today was "Harvey", a puzzle cache so close to home that I could walk there. It was rather difficult because I thought I had the answers but the coordinates led me to a weird place, the doorstep of the DMV inspection station. Finally, Tabbikat solved the puzzle yesterday and passed the coordinates to me. So I went and found the final cache this afternoon. Glad to get it off the nearest caches list. "Pike Creek Road" was another cache that presented a problem. Its original posted coordinates were a few hundred feet off. Fortunately, there was only so much guardrail to search at that location and I did find it.

This afternoon's errand was to get a new bath scale to replace the old one, which finally broke in a way that I could not fix. Unfortunately, there's now a 2-day gap in my daily weigh-ins but that is unavoidable because I needed to shop around. Then I got groceries for the week from two different places because no single store has all the best specials. And that was all.

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