September 14th, 2010

morton blvd

South Jersey - Swedesboro to Audubon

Sunny, 75-80°F. This is the 3rd geocaching trip to South Jersey in a week, but I figured it isn't a long drive and there are enough new geocaches to justify the bridge toll. This time, I started in Logan/Swedesboro/Woolwich and continued to East Greenwich, Woodbury, Mantua, and Deptford. There were a few parks with two or three geocaches in the same park, so I didn't have to drive around as much as I thought. The best set of same-park caches today was "Bass Lake", "Enough Micros Already!" and "G&S Woodland Walk". Those were all moderately challenging and the trail looped around so there wasn't any backtracking except for the gravel driveway.

After dusk, I tried finding a few caches from the "Westward Ho" series in Lawnside/Audubon since those are mostly parking lot caches and doable at night. (in theory anyway) I'm disappointed that #66 in this series has already run into a property manager issue. I read about the problem in the logs and skipped that one. I don't think any of the caches in this series were placed with permission. That's the sad state of urban geocaching in general. However, if several people already mentioned in their cache logs that they got yelled at by the McDonald's manager, why hasn't the cache owner archived this cache?

I got back a little late and found that, at least in Northern Wilmington, only TGI Friday's was open after 10pm. So I used the birthday coupon from them. (I have a stack of bday coupons from many places because I'm on too many mailing lists. :) ) I had an Ultimate Sicilian Chicken Sandwich and a brownie obsession. Since this restaurant (and probably the whole strip mall since the same SSID is also detectable at Red Lobster) has wi-fi internet, I worked on the digital photos with the EeePC and posted them as I ate. Had a little conversation with someone from the restaurant because he thought it was cool that I was doing the photos right at the dinner table. He had his netbook, a HP Mini, there too.

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