October 19th, 2010



As a result of last night's impromptu weeding session, I had yard waste to take to the yard waste dropoff. By coincidence, there were new geocaches in the Middletown area so I could do the errand and those caches in one trip. Interesting how that happens. :) O Tannenbaum is in a nondescript field behind a pumping station. Not terribly much to say about that. Tree Hugger is roadside near the Christiana Care building. The cache name is funny because the tree on which the cache is hanging is a prickly kind of pine tree.

Then it started raining so I stopped for a late lunch at the Middletown Hardee's. I had a Thickburger combo. It wasn't raining after lunch so I took a stab at Cantwell's Bridge. This is the most devious cache I've seen in a while. Before opening it, I was concerned that I'd be cutting off someone's TV. Only after reading some of the geocache logs was I sure that's what it was. It's always neat to come across a new type of cache hide but sometimes I wonder if we've gone too far.

On the way home, I bought a wireless laser printer, specifically a HP LaserJet Pro P1102w. I got the idea to shop for one of these because of my recent wireless router upgrade and because my LaserJet 1000 started having frequent paper jams. The P1102w is on sale this week so I got it at the neighborhood Staples. Setup was pretty painless. I didn't need the setup CD because printer itself has a copy of the setup software. I only needed to use the USB cable once to set it up for my wireless network. After that, I was able to download and install the printer driver from the printer's own web server. I can also view printer stats and change the settings the same way. Impressive. I think I'll use both old and new printers together until the toner cartridge in the old printer runs out. Then I'll switch over completely.