October 21st, 2010


South Jersey Fictional Pirate Tour III - Rowan, Glassboro, Pitman, Washington

Cloudy, 60-65°F. My starting point was supposed to be one of the two geocaches on the Rowan University campus but I got sidetracked by a few new geocaches in Salem County. Once I got to Rowan, the guard at the booth helped me find a good parking spot and the geocaches were a snap to do. I have no idea what classes there are like but the campus looks nice. I noticed that they currently have a bunch of Seward Johnson lifelike sculptures, such as this daydreamer.

After leaving Rowan, I did more geocaches in Glassboro and Pitman. Then I did four geocaches (from "No Trail Ends" to "Not quite a piney hide") in Washington Lake Park. It's a pretty big park but 3 of the geocaches were together on the north side and one was all the way over on the south side of the park. Still, that made for an interesting little hike over at the north side to get those 3.

Dinner was at the LJS/Taco Bell co-branded restaurant in Mantua again. This time, I had the 2-fish combo. Taco Bell "fire" sauce is pretty good on fried fish.

The caches...Collapse )