November 22nd, 2010

morton st

C&D Canal II

Sunny, 60-65°F. This afternoon, I returned to the south side of the C&D Canal to continue what I was doing two days ago. This time, I accessed the canal road from St. Georges, near the US-13 bridge. Then I drove for a few miles on the road at the edge of the canal. I actually caught up with this ship, which was probably going at a mere few miles per hour.

The first geocache of the day was C&D Mayhem Cache #3 Gamerboy's Junket. I was wondering if there was a problem with this cache because the last log was a DNF. However, the problem turned out to be one of inaccurate coordinates and I found it when I examined the other side of the thicket. Next, I went for Cat Tails. For this one, I had to park the car and take a walk because the dirt road didn't pass near the cache site. And finally, I proceeded to A.C.C.E.N.T. #2 Warm Fuzzies from Maryland. This one was quite a challenge because it's in a swamp. However, the biggest hurdle was psychological. It turns out that the swamp was only a few inches deep. Once I stepped in and saw that, I simply walked around in the water until I found the cache. It was quite an adventure.

After that, it was time to leave the C&D Canal Wildlife Area. I drove back out to St. Georges at sunset. Dinner was a bacon cheeseburger at TGI Friday's in New Castle. They sent me a $7 coupon, so this is how I used it. It's a nice restaurant but they've got to stop using those 20-watt light bulbs. I had to ask for a table in a brighter part of the dining area.