November 29th, 2010

morton blvd

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Sunny, 50°F. After last night, I woke up late this morning, so I figured it would be a short day out. Luckily, there were some new local geocaches. First, I went to Santa Claus is Caching in Town in Delcastle Recreation Area near Marshallton. The cache site looked rather familiar, so I wondered if there used to be another cache, maybe even in the same spot. After that, I went to Frosty the Snowman in Albertson Park, Elsmere. It's only about a quarter of a mile from the bowling alley.

There was still time after that, so I went for MYSTIQUE, an older geocache. It's in Powell Ford Park in Stanton. I didn't do this cache during the summer because that whole area is full of bramble. It isn't as much of a problem in the fall. Also, I used a shortcut from a nearby dead-end road instead of bushwhacking all the way from the park entrance.

After that, I went to Bob Evans in Newark to claim my last Black Friday special, a free slice of pumpkin pie. I got it as carryout and headed over to TGI Friday's in Newark, where I had a flat iron steak with vegetables and loaded mashed potatoes. TGI Friday's has been sending me progressively higher-valued coupons. There was a $5 and a $7 coupon. Today, I used the $10 coupon and they said they'll send a $15 coupon next. This sales promotion doesn't really make sense to me but hey, it's a good excuse for me to try some of the more expensive items on their menu.