November 30th, 2010

No hunting

Cross the Border and Hike the Dike

Sunny, 50°F. I knew I'd start out late today because I had a few things to take care of in the morning. However, the geocaches I wanted to do were in nearby Pennsville, so that's okay. The first cache of the day was Is this DELAWHERE??? By a quirk of history, there is a piece of land belonging to Delaware that you can reach by dirt road from Fort Mott State Park in New Jersey without crossing any bridges or rivers. That's where the cache was. The area isn't much to look at but it's a geographic curiosity.

After that, there was still a lot of time before sunset. So I took a 3-mile hike on the dike in Pennsville and got Beaver Dam and Are we there yet? This is an easy walk if you go the correct way. However, there are a bunch of dead ends and bushwhacking leads to either mud or an impenetrable expanse of phragmites. And finally, I got What A Tangled Web They Wove just before sunset. It's a walk along the Delaware River beach.

For dinner, I decided to use my $10 Habaneros Club reward at Don Pablo's. I had all-you-can-eat chicken and steak fajitas, which is their Monday special. It's a little cheaper than Chinese buffet dinner, and with the $10 reward, my bill was 99 cents! Fajita Forever Monday is a bit different from Taco Tuesday in that they refresh your guacamole, beans and rice each round, whereas in Taco Tuesday, you only get the beans and rice once. However, if you're really there for the grilled meat, that doesn't work in your favor. After I was done with the fajitas, I found out that I received yet another $10 reward because this is my 9th visit! So I guess I'll be back soon. This means that I got $30 in free food for going to Don Pablo's 9 times in 15 months. (and aside from the $10 rewards, all those other times were for Taco Tuesday) Not a bad deal.