December 6th, 2010

fox stand

Big Farm

Cloudy, 35-40°F. I thought this was going to be a lazy day when I'd do one geocache, if at all. Several things happened. I was woken up early by the gas meter reader, who was only 12 days late for the scheduled meter reading. Then I was woken up again by a phone call. So I had breakfast and checked the geocache listings. There were 8 new caches, all relatively local. So I headed out and did those, which took less than 2 hours. Since I still had time, I went to Brandywine Creek State Park and did two more geocaches, "Warm Blooded", a puzzle cache, and "The Hunt for Billy Bob's Killer", a multi-stage cache. The multicache may be a lot of walking to do in cold weather but after the five-mile walk I did yesterday in the same weather, this is nothing.

After that, I went to Bob Evans in Newark. They were having a promotion for their new line of "Big Farm Burgers" and they sent out 50%-off coupons through their mailing list. So I had a Smokehouse Burger Platter. I'm not sure I'd get that ordinarily but it's a decent amount of food. Also, their selection of sauces is interesting. I tried all four sauces on the fries.

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