December 7th, 2010

face tree

Somewhere in Salem

Cloudy, 35-40°F. I checked the geocache map last night and saw clusters of geocaches south of Salem City that I hadn't visited. So I figured I'd go for those. It actually went better than I expected. I didn't think I'd have time to hike around 3 WMAs, but I did that and got a few more geocaches in between and on the way home.

There was one problem I saw today. From what I read in the geocache logs, there was a recent confrontation between a hunter and a group of geocachers. His complaint was that geocachers were screwing up "his" hunting area by walking around in the WMA. There is no hunters-only restriction in this public WMA. Like most WMAs, this one is big enough that people can spread out and one activity need not interfere with another. So I think it's just one guy with a bad attitude. Anyway, I went to "Tagged Twice! Totally Terrific!" and saw that the cache container was missing. In the hiding spot was a note in a bag. The note said "Play your game elsewhere, idiots! Stay out of here." I think that guy did it.

The caches...Collapse )