December 21st, 2010


Lunch Without Santa

Cloudy, 34-37°F. I went to the "Lunch Without Santa" geocaching event at Pizza Hut in Souderton. (Yes, it's just like the geocaching event on the previous Monday, except this is lunch instead of dinner.) Since the event started at 11:30am and since I didn't wake up that early, I skipped breakfast and went directly to the pizza buffet, so that could be both breakfast and lunch.

After that, I went geocaching with Unnamed, Stellarscapes, Stellar Jr., and TheJump and did some geocaches in Bucks County. It was fun and also easy with a group of people to do the searching. The group split up later in the afternoon and I went with Unnamed to do a few more geocaches. And finally, I continued geocaching on my own well into the night because there were quite a number of geocaches in the area that could be done at night.

I returned in-state to do some late night shopping since many stores keep later hours in the last week before Christmas. Apparently, they're looking to boost sales too because I found some interesting loss leaders. I got $9 pants and free eggs. I was going to get a free hot dog from a gas station promo but what I saw rolling around in the hot dog display case didn't look good at all. Let's just say that some free items are not worth the price.

The caches...Collapse )