December 31st, 2010

fox bend

South Jersey Snowfields

Sunny, 43-48°F. This afternoon, I went for a small group of geocaches in Elk Township and Glassboro. Now, I knew New Jersey got more snow than my place but I didn't know exactly how much snow they had. This morning, my front yard was already mostly free of snow but the Elk Township soccer fields still had four inches of snow with snowdrifts as high as two feet! I sank in to my knees a couple of times while walking across the snow-covered field. Surprisingly, the first two geocaches were trivial to find, whether by design or by chance being in spots that happened to not be snowed under. The third cache was under snow. I thought I would have to dig up a lot of snow to find it because that area was under a uniform layer of snow with no telltale signs. Fortunately, I was a good guesser and found it in the second spot I poked at.

After leaving Elk Township, I headed over to Glassboro. At "Ruins of Cinder", I had some help because MuckSavage's tracks led me right to the cache. However, the cache hide was pretty obvious even with snow. Then I went to the Delsea Drive Senior Center Park for the last two caches of the day. Neither of the two were affected in any way by the snow, even with six inches of snow on the ground everywhere. I only had to look the right way to see what I needed to find those caches.

The caches...Collapse )