January 15th, 2011

morton blvd

DGT and Powerlines

Sunny, 30-34°F. Had a busy morning because I was doing some return-to-work preparations. Actually, I was busy in the evening too; I came back home for a bit to take care of a few things before going out again at night on an errand run. My only goal for geocaching today was to do the last two geocaches in the Delaware Geotrail series. These are the two toughest ones because of the steep uphill climb and tougher still right now because of snow on the ground, but I did those anyway just to finish the series. After that, I did some new geocaches in the Powerlines Trail series before calling it a day. Not too challenging, except it was a lot of walking in the snow and on icy ATV trails.

Dinner was onion rings at Arby's in New Castle. Well okay, it's not really dinner since I ate at home before going out again. I got the onion rings as a snack after shopping for groceries.

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