January 16th, 2011


Powerlines and Farms

Sunny, 34-39°F. We're still continuing with the powerlines trail geocache series over in Bear and two more showed up in the listings yesterday. So this morning, I went and found Powerlines Trail along the Christina River #1.5 and Powerlines Trail along the Christina River #2.5. Then I placed one of my own at the other end of the line since I still had the ammo can from a cache I archived last year. It's full of stuff and ready to go, so I might as well reuse it.

Then I headed over to Bear public library to use the free wi-fi network to post the cache listing. As I was driving there, I heard a noise from the left rear tire. I checked the tire when I got to the library parking lot and saw a screw. Fortunately, the tire wasn't losing air, so after I was done at the library, I drove slowly to a repair facility. It didn't take long for them to remove the screw and plug the hole in the tire. I must say that it's an inexpensive repair here. I've had the same work done in Northern NJ and it costs twice as much there!

Since I still had time afterwards, I went to Pocopson to do the farm series of geocaches. Each of the 3 geocaches is at a farm / produce market. Baa-Ram-Ewe! -- Farm Series #1 is at Baily's Dairy, where the ram and goat come right up to the fence. Then I went to Just Peachy -- Farm Series #3, which is in front of a bakery and produce market. And finally, Pick Your Own -- Farm Series #2 is at an orchard. After finding the cache, I shopped the produce stand here because I noticed that they had some good apples.

I received a letter and geocoin in the mail today from the tourism office. That's the prize for completing the Delaware Geotrail. I definitely would do this again the next time they put out a new series. There were some interesting locations among the 49 cache sites in this year's geotrail.