February 14th, 2011


Lancaster XXIX

Cloudy, 45°F. I hadn't actually planned on going to Lancaster County. I spent the first part of the afternoon doing a bunch of geocaches in western Chester County around Unionville. Kept running into Cruse000 and Dentaldazy, who were doing the same set of geocaches. Then the next closest caches after that brought me to Sadsburyville and then New Holland, deep in Lancaster County. There was still snow on the ground, but many of the geocaches were findable. After doing a bunch of new geocaches around New Holland, I did the "Back Roads Commute" series -- all easy geocaches next to country roads -- going towards Ephrata and went home via the Pennsylvania Turnpike because I didn't feel like following country roads all the way home this evening.

Dinner was at the recently reopened Lone Star Steakhouse in Wilmington. I had the Perfect Chicken Sandwich. I don't like this Lone Star as much as the one closer to home in New Castle. Portions appeared smaller here and the bread isn't as good. Also, the peanuts don't come in a bucket.

The caches...Collapse )