April 4th, 2011


South Jersey and West Chester

Saturday: 55-60°F, cloudy. Went geocaching around and near Pitman, Blackwood, Laurel Springs, and Turnersville, which was not the most logical route to take but I just had to go for "Winning", which popped up in the cache listings while I was out there. There were weird things going on in the woods near "El Dorado Hills". A bunch of people were spanking each other up on the next rise. They stopped when they saw that I was in the vicinity, so I pretended I didn't notice anything, calmly dealt with the geocache, and left quickly. That was not as funny as the time I caught a couple having a "lunchtime quickie" in the park. "Walts Mud Bath" was supposedly in a very muddy area, but it was merely dry and sandy that afternoon. And "A Little Bird Told Me" was a cute bird.

Sunday: 55-60°F, sunny. This was my gas-saving day since I only went to the West Chester area and did geocaches around there and in East Bradford. I'm not sure how long I hiked in East Bradford Nature Area but it was good to leave the car in one parking area and just walk. The general terrain in that park is very similar to Northern NJ. Hilly and rocky with winding trails that follow contours. I saw a bunch of ruins ("Classic Ruins") and a well. ("Make A Wish") There's also a nice paved bike path on a railroad cut. "Climb Away" was one that I thought I would not be able to do because it was up a tree, but I'm glad I went to take a look. The climb turned out to be just one step up the tree. Then I was able to reach the cache by doing a chin up on one of the medium-sized branches. Very little danger of falling.

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