April 12th, 2011


Mental Dental

I didn't go to work this morning because I had a dental appointment at a dental office that is apparently open only during working hours. I really need to find a place that is open on weekday evenings, but my choices are limited because I have to use a dentist within the insurance carrier's network or they'll cover only 50% of the costs. This will stop being a problem soon because I won't have dental insurance once I switch to the health insurance at work. Then I can go anywhere.

My appointment wasn't until 10:30am, so I went for 3 quick geocaches along the way: Fly By, Paws and Claws, and Sleep Over. These are all at or near parking lots. I saved the wooded area geocaches for another time because I didn't want to get dirty.

I arrived at Christiana Dental Center at the appointed time. I switched insurance plans in November so this is a new dentist. Therefore, they wanted to do x-rays. I refused because I already had x-rays done 6 months ago. In fairness, I should've asked ahead of time if they needed x-ray records transferred from the old dentist but it never came up when I made the first-time appointment and I didn't think of it later on. What followed, however, was an interesting series of tactics to try to get me to agree to take the x-rays. First, the dental assistant insisted that x-rays were needed on a first-time visit. Then they made me wait. Then a dentist came in to tell me that they couldn't do a dental exam without x-rays. They made me wait again. Then the head dentist himself came in and said those are only going to be "checkup x-rays", as though they are different from regular x-rays. I told them if they insisted on having x-rays, they can wait while I drive over to New Castle Dental to get my x-rays. So finally, they let me just have the cleaning done, which is the best possible outcome because that's the only thing I really needed anyway. So that's that.