May 3rd, 2011

morton blvd

Ranger Rick

Cloudy, 77-80°F. Although it was cloudy with signs of approaching rain, it wasn't in fact raining so I went out after work to do a few geocaches. The first one was Goodby Delaware at Brandywine Creek State Park (Yes, I'm really making use of the annual pass now!). This one is up a pretty steep hill, although surprisingly, the top of the hill is not wooded area but open field instead. I was the first to find this cache.

Then I went to Ashland Nature Center in Hockessin for Ranger Rick's Favorite View: Ashland Nature Center. It is a Ranger Rick geocache, the first I've seen of this new series. It's neat to see third-party organizations sponsor geocaches. This cache too is in a hilly area and I was again the first to find. I guess no one else wanted to climb the hills after work this evening. :)