May 7th, 2011

where's george?

May in Maryland

Cloudy, 70-75°F. I only found out about May in Maryland, a Where's George meet in the Baltimore area, yesterday but fortunately, it took only five minutes to plan everything, including getting geocache info for the area. It was a 3-part meet: breakfast in Hunt Valley, ballgame in Baltimore, and dinner in Owings Mills. My plan was to go to the first and third parts of it, but to skip the ballgame and go geocaching between Hunt Valley and Owings Mills.

Breakfast was quiet. CMgeorger and I were the first two at Panera Bread and we were the only ones in the group until JBinthe615 arrived towards the end of the meet. I had a steak and egg sandwich. After that, I geocached around Hunt Valley / Cockeysville before heading a bit west towards Owings Mills. Having never geocached in this area before, I had many to pick from and got 28 in about 6 hours, including a bunch on the Red Run Stream trail system.

When I was done with the geocaches, I went to Greene Turtle in Owings Mills for the last part of the meet. This was a bigger meetup with over 20 people. We used the party room at the Greene Turtle. I had a chicken and fish basket.

The caches...Collapse )