May 13th, 2011


Clayton Pipe

Yesterday evening was sunny and 72°F. I did two geocaches a bit to the north from work. The first one was Just Inside Delaware. It is in the Woodlawn Wildlife Refuge straddling the state line. Based on the GPS map state boundary line, which may not be accurate, the trail was in Pennsylvania for more than half the walk but crossed into Delaware twice. The stream crossing is pretty close to the border.

After that, I went to Clayton Park, just a few miles into Pennsylvania, for Clayton Pipe Refit. It's a 4-stage multicache. I didn't think I'd have time for all 4 stages but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway and I did finish before dusk. The only real puzzle was the first stage because the second and third stages are the same kind of hide and the final is easy. I'm not sure this cache should've been approved though. SpoilersCollapse )

After that, I went to Quiznos in Claymont and had a "Traditional" sub. I think it's time to stop going to this Quiznos for a while. It used to be okay but has gone significantly downhill. They haven't been stocking up on some supplies, most notably paper towels in the restroom, sauces in the condiments area, and fixings for the sub. One of the employees has an attitude problem. When I asked what fixings were available, she refused to tell me and didn't open up the little covers so I could see. However, I think the real story was they had run out of most of those fixings anyway. The final problem was they kicked me out before closing time because they wanted to close the store early. Their subs are more expensive than Subway, so I expect better from them but I don't see that any more. Therefore, it's not worth going there any more.