May 23rd, 2011

chestnut ramune

FA United 4

Over the weekend, I went to FA United 4 at Hotel ML (a fairly recent name change because they haven't actually replaced the sign out in front. The "Hotel ML" sign is a temporary covering over the original sign.) in Mount Laurel. I don't go to very many cons but for me, the gap that FAU fills in is a local con that is not too big (531 attendees this year) or too busy but is a step above the monthly furmeets. It's a way to get away for the weekend and relax.

I didn't go to many panels during the con. I attended part of "Making a stage act". I went to the "Juggling: How To" panel, which was fun even if I couldn't juggle worth a darn. Of course, I took part in the fursuiting events, the fursuit parade and the fursuit games. Also fursuited in the closing ceremonies. That was a bit of a last minute thing. I got word that there would be shenanigans of some sort so I changed into fursuit and went down to the ballroom. What happened during the ceremonies was we surprise-group-hugged the NJSPCA lady, who got a kick out of it, and then went on stage to do a group photo for the NJSPCA Facebook page.

The con suite was marvelous. It's a place to hang out and have a snack and it's only two floors up from my room, so I did visit it a lot. They had wasabi peas! I swear I could eat those until my sinuses explode. The only major problem I encountered at this con was the long registration line on Friday morning. I arrived later in the morning so I didn't have to wait as long before it got going, but I heard that some had been there for 3 hours.

Geocaches: Did 5 on Friday: 2 in Swedesboro on the way there and 3 not far from the hotel because I took the opportunity to grab a few before the con got going. On Saturday, I got 2 geocaches with jbadger, my roomie, when we went out for lunch. Monday's geocaches, I found in Woodstown, where I stopped on the way home. ("on the way" here was about 10 miles off the Turnpike. :) )

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