May 30th, 2011

chicken fries

Bring your own Banana

Sunny, 90°F. Had a late start today because of how late I got home the previous night. I was planning to go to the Bring your own Banana (BYOB), IV geocaching event, so I started by doing a few geocaches near I-95 and a bunch more in Southampton. At 6pm, I headed over to Tanner Brothers Farm in Warminster, where the event was held. The location is an actual farm with steers and dairy cows. (Dairy cows were too far away to photograph this evening.) I had the pumpkin pie flavored ice cream, although to be honest, I couldn't tell that was the flavor.

After the event, I did more geocaches around Warminster. It's funny that I was able to do 5 geocaches in the remaining shred of daylight but the first 10 took all afternoon. Finally, I went to Philly Chinatown and was extremely lucky to snag a free parking space just a block from the Foo dog, where there was a new geocache. Then I took a walk through Chinatown to Banana Leaf, where I had a curry mee with yong tofu. (It's a Malaysian restaurant so we like the red spicy stuff.)

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Memorial Day

Sunny, 90-93°F. I was on holiday but it was a rather hot day and I figured I should avoid the shore crowd. So I decided to go just a bit north into Chester County and do some of the recent easy geocaches. How this little trip ended with a significant hike in Marsh Creek State Park, I'll never know. Since I was getting tired from the heat late in the afternoon, I stopped before dusk and had dinner at Old Country Buffet in Downingtown.

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