July 11th, 2011


Return to Makepeace Lake

Sunny. 90°F. Returned to Makepeace Lake WMA in South Jersey today to find more Peace Train geocaches, as well as a bunch of others in the same area that required a bit more walking. Well, the ones that required walking were because I didn't dare drive on the sugar sand roads. I could've probably done that with 4WD but then again, it could be tough if there is any kind of incline in the sand road with less than ideal traction. I also noticed while walking on the sand road that there were a few places where I'd have to stop and clip the branches of shrubs that were growing across the road. I have no idea how the ATV folks deal with that.

Boaters face a similar issue. I met a couple of geocachers who paddled across the lake from one geocache to another. (instead of driving around like I did) They told me that it isn't the best lake for paddling because there are tree branches in the water. They got stuck every five minutes.

Did litter patrol again today. This time, I filled more than one trash bag with litter. The two boat ramp areas were the most messy of all but should be relatively clean now. After adding this haul to yesterday's litter pickup, I have almost a full trash cart for trash pickup on Tuesday.

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