July 31st, 2011


Lehigh Valley - LVGC Breakfast in the Valley IV

Sunny, 90°F. I woke up early for a 90-minute drive to Denny's in Allentown for the LVGC Breakfast in the Valley IV geocaching event. Since I enjoyed the last LVGC breakfast event in early June, I thought I'd do it again. This was a good event too. Only real problem was Denny's couldn't handle our crowd so the food was a bit slow in coming out, but I didn't mind too much. I had the Ultimate Skillet.

After that, we (Wizard1626, SAJSKI1, Catching Caches, ST.FU68, Linda.Cache, and I) went as a group to the Saucon Rail Trail to hit a new series of geocaches. It was a 3-mile hike. We left a few cars at one end of the trail and car-pooled to the other end of the trail so we wouldn't have to walk back on the return trip. It was a fun group activity. Some of the geocaches were easy and some were difficult but we found them all and everyone in the group was the first to spot at least one of the caches. After the hike, we went to Rita's in Hellertown for a water ice break. I had a cantaloupe Italian ice. Then we did a multicache, "Saucon Creek Multi", in Hellertown before going our separate ways.

I met Pino at the LVGC breakfast event. I hadn't seen him in years but I actually knew him from Where's George way back when and I used to go to his pizza place whenever I was in Lehigh Valley. What's interesting is I told him about geocaching years ago but he didn't try it back then. Somehow, something clicked in the past year and he suddenly became quite active in geocaching. I found some of his geocaches this afternoon in Hellertown, Bethlehem, and Fountain Hill. On the other hand, he has stopped doing Where's George, so I guess it's a case of shifting preferences. In the evening, I visited Antonio's Pizza in Easton to see him again and have two slices of pizza. Just like old times. (I also found the two geocaches, one in front of and one behind the pizza place, of course.)

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