August 15th, 2011

morton blvd

Rainy Day

It rained heavily this morning until the afternoon, so I stayed home and took care of various cleaning chores. I think rainy days are about the only time I ever clean the kitchen. :) When the rain stopped, I went out. By that time, it was late in the afternoon so I just hopped over to Salem County for a few geocaches that I'd been saving up for a... ummm... rainy day. "NFL SERIES: Steelers" was a tough search because it was in the brush and briars near a dump. Fortunately, the cache owner happened to come by to check on it at the time, so he pointed me in the right direction. Even then, it was difficult because the cache had apparently slipped down from the top of the ridge. He told me anyway that wasn't the intended placement.

I also did one cache back in-state, "Stone Cache". This was harder than I thought to get to because for whatever reason, part of Route 141 was closed. Also, I-295 was all jammed up. (Was that the going-home-from-Atlantic-City crowd?) After that, I took the long way around the closed road to Lone Star Steakhouse for dinner.

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