September 5th, 2011

chestnut ramune


Sunny, 90°F. Originally, I hadn't planned on attending tonyringtail's Labor Day Weekend FUR-B-Q because something else usually comes up on fur-b-q days. So this was pretty much a last-minute decision. But I had time today and food (a case of cookies left over from geocaching events) to donate, so I went.

I arrived at the Twin W First Aid Squad building in West Windsor, where the BBQ was being held, at 1pm. The party hadn't really started at that time, so I went geocaching around Princeton. By the time I returned, the BBQ was in full swing. I had vegetable fried noodles, a burger, and funnel cake. Talked to some old friends and caught up with some things that happened in the NYC area since I left.

Then I figured I should head out again for a bit. So I went to Plainsboro and did a few geocaches. When I returned to the Twin W, the outdoor temperature had dropped to 84°F. That wasn't much cooler but it was good enough, so I changed into the husky fursuit and fursuited for a bit. Ended up doing that longer than I planned because it was fun and I had a lot of good company. What's nice about this event is the Twin W let us use the locker room in their air-conditioned building as our changing area / fursuit lounge. Anyway, I had a good time and I'm glad I went.

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