September 11th, 2011


Lancaster XXXII - Battleship

Sunny, 80-85°F. If the "LOST81" and "LOST C&D Rails to Trails" series of geocaches were not enough, the "Battleship" series of geocaches showed up in the cache listings just this morning. Supposedly, there'll be 100 geocaches in this series. Each cache represents a square on the grid in the Battleship game. Find the right geocaches to sink the battleships, and you'll get the coordinates to five battleship caches. Good thing I was already planning to go to Lancaster County today, eh?

It was a fun day. I didn't try to do all the Battleship caches today but I did a fair number of them in southern Lancaster County. I was the first to find on most of the ones I did, probably because Lancaster County geocachers focused on the suburban areas first. (Or maybe they're still drying out their basements from the recent flood. Yes, Lancaster was hit badly.) I met a bunch of geocachers also going for the Battleship caches. Among them were Cruse000, Dentaldazy, Ka3upe, Weasel 626, and CozmicDK.

At "Spend some time with Stu and Ted", I saw a fuzzy thing within inches of the geocache. At first, I thought it was a dead animal. It didn't smell, so it could have just died. So I carefully retrieved the cache without touching the critter. Then it stirred. So much for that "dead animal" hypothesis; it was just sleeping. Good thing I didn't try to poke it with a stick to see if it was really dead! I put the geocache back next to it and walked away as quietly as possible. Wonder if it was Stu or Ted. :)

The other weird thing I saw was one steer trying to hump another in the field next to "Battleship - H10". Its antics actually distracted me for a bit from the task of looking for the cache. Couldn't get any pictures, unfortunately, because the steer stopped doing that every time I pointed the camera at it. Yes, in rural Lancaster County, the cows are not what they seem. They also apparently have shame.

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