September 27th, 2011

chicken fries

Eat until you drop: A survey of Birthday Coupon Land

Well, it's been a fun (and fattening) two weeks! As you may have gathered, I've joined a lot of restaurant mailing lists. I'm not too worried about the volume of email since I use separate email accounts for these. Just about every mailing list has some kind of birthday special or other. Some restaurants offer free items with no strings attached, while others require some kind of purchase. Some offers are birthday-only specials, while others are similar to coupon specials sent out at other times of the year. For chain restaurants, birthday coupons are generally good at any restaurant location in the chain, except for the Applebee's offer, which seems to be tied to the location you select when you sign up.

Coupons started trickling in at the beginning of the month. Most of those coupons were valid only from one week before to one week after my birthday, so as you can imagine, I wasn't able to use them all. However, I did use a good number of them. Anyway, for reference, here's the list of offers I received:

The birthday coupon list...Collapse )

A final note: If you get a free item for your birthday, please consider giving them some business at other times of the year too. Some restaurant chains may not be doing too well in this economy.