October 29th, 2011

morton blvd

3,000 Trees and October snow

Rain and snow, 35°F.

There was a geocaching event, "3,000 Trees at Stroud Preserve Pre-Event", in West Chester this morning, so I woke up early to get there by 8am. It was at Dunkin' Donuts, so we had donuts, of course. I also took the opportunity to use my DD birthday coupon to get a cappuccino latte. The event was originally a small gathering before heading over to Stroud Preserve to plant some trees. Unfortunately, the tree-planting was canceled because of the weather. It was raining early in the morning. Later, the rain turned to snow.

I went out to find a bunch of geocaches around Downingtown after the event. However, when the snow started coming down heavily, I decided to stop geocaching and go to Jimmy John's for a cheeseburger and chili cheese fries. And that was it for the first half of the day. It is unusually early for snow around here. It was also colder than usual, so overall, it was a rather winter-like day.

The caches...Collapse )