December 3rd, 2011


Lancaster XXXXII - Sink all the Battleships!

Sunny, 45-50°F. Grid D9 was the only one I needed to sink the last battleship in the Lancaster Battleship series of geocaches, so I went and got that one. Of course, I did a few other geocaches along the way to break up the long drive since D9 was at Speedwell Forge, all the way in the northern part of Lancaster County. After that, it was a long drive all over the county to do the bonus geocaches for the Submarine, Destroyer, Aircraft Carrier, and Battleship. (I got the Patrol Boat last weekend.) My timing was such that I had just enough daylight for those.

So that closes the book on the battleship series! There are still 13 grids I haven't found yet. Those grid squares weren't necessary for the bonuses so I can save them for when I happen to be in the area. (Or I can do those on Tuesday when I return to Lancaster for the monthly event. :) )

The caches...Collapse )