December 12th, 2011


Chamber of Death

Sunny, 40-45°F. I decided not to go very far today so I started with a few geocaches on the near side of Chester County. I thought "The Chamber of Death" was interesting. I have no idea what it was used for but it's an abandoned stone building set into the side of a slope, so one would actually walk onto the roof and then take some stone steps down to the door. "Claddagh" seemed like a harder geocache to find than it should be. I think this location puts a whammy on people. A number of geocachers mentioned having to look more than once to see the cache. I saw it only on my second pass even though the cache was hidden on the most obvious object in that location.

The last one I did today was "#3.5 Kayak way up or Walk beyond "Past the Don"". I'm always a bit wary about doing geocaches in the area behind the Christiana Mall because mall security is bound to come around and wonder why someone is parking at an odd location at the edge of mall property. Worse yet, I parked at the entrance to the sand pits and construction area, where no shoppers park. However, I did the one-mile round trip hike from there with no incident.

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