December 21st, 2011


CJG - 3rd Tuesday Meet and Greet (Dec)

Cloudy/rainy, 45-50°F. Central Jersey geocachers have been holding monthly meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month but since I returned to a full-time job, I haven't made it to a single meet. For the last meet of the year, I figured what the hey? Let's take a day off and go there.

It was an evening meetup, so I had the whole day to do some geocaching on the way there. First, I did a hike in Mercer County Park for a bunch of geocaches. That was not my original plan but the construction traffic delay on the NJ Turnpike made me decide to take exit 7A and so that's how I got there. Later in the day, I hiked Rutgers University Ecological Preserve. (The abandoned car was the only thing I photographed there. The wooded area is not actually full of abandoned cars, except for that one section of it.) Then it started raining, so I just did a number of quick geocaches the rest of the way to the meet.

The meetup was at Fuddruckers in Bridgewater. It wasn't a big gathering but I saw some of the regular attendees. We had the back section of the dining area, behind a partition. I ordered a turkey burger and loaded it up with fixings. (If you can still see the burger, then there aren't enough fixings! :) ) This particular Fuddruckers is one that offers free refills of fries.

The caches...Collapse )