December 24th, 2011


Christmas Eve

Sunny, 35-40°F. It was a lazy Saturday morning of a holiday weekend. I figured I'd just go for a few geocaches and then return home. Well, I did those few geocaches and it wasn't even noon, so I thought I'd do one more and then a few more, and before I knew it, I'd gone from Parkesburg to Oxford and straight through Cecil County, Maryland! Self-control does not exist.

Anyway, "Babbling Brook" had a nice stream. I'd never explored much of Parkesburg so I didn't know about Bert Reel Park, which is not on the main road. "In The Trenchez Again" was a strange one where the hiding spot already looked very familiar to me even though I hadn't been there for the original "In The Trenchez" geocache. I saw that weird tree with a horizontal trunk growing through its own hollow in a dream a few months back! (There's probably a Freudian interpretation too. :) ) And yes, that turned out to be where the cache was really hidden.

The last geocache of the day, "Another Eye For You", turned out to be harder to get to than I thought. It's only 5 miles from North East, as the crow flies, but Port Herman is actually on the other side of one of the fingers of the upper Chesapeake Bay. So the driving distance turned out to be just over 20 miles! That's really what made me run out of time for any more geocaches after that. On the plus side, this area is about the same parallel as Middletown, so I went to Hardee's for dinner and had Buffalo Chicken Tenders, their new item. These are about as spicy as the third-hottest sauce on the Buffalo Wild Wings scale, which was a surprise to me because I assumed fast food hot sauce would be on the mild side.

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