Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


In case anyone is wondering what's going on at Capella, I found out while taking the free seminar that they are switching over to new courseroom software. In fact, I was told by the Assistant Enrollment Director that the School of Technology has already switched over to the new software.

But here's the problem: They don't have a demo class where you can play with the new courseroom. They do have a demo class available but that's still on the old courseroom. So... if I can't try the new courseroom, how do I know that it'll work with Mozilla Firefox and Opera? Unbelievable as it may seem, Internet Explorer is not always an option. Sure the AED says that the new courseroom will work with all web browsers. Of course many banks, transfer agents and mutual funds have told me that their web access will work with all the major web browsers too. And inevitably, I would find out that they use some Javascript code that breaks on anything that's not IE or that they have coded to work around some IE CSS rendering flaws so that the page is unreadable in every other browser.

And why exactly don't they have a new demo courseroom up and running? They probably had one (or more) up internally when they were testing it. They could just make that available. How hard is that?

Anyway, the AED says all I need to do is enroll and if it doesn't work, I can quit within a week or so and I'll only be out the enrollment fee of $50. Well, hey... easy for him, maybe.

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