February 25th, 2012

morton blvd

Sandwiches, Lemon, and Pepper

After staying home until the mid-afternoon, I decided to do a few geocaches since I was planning to have dinner out anyway. I wasn't so sick that it would impair my geocaching ability. There were a bunch of geocaches in the Wilmington-Marshallton-Elsmere area that I'd been saving for a day when I didn't want to travel too far and today was the right day to do those. Today's geocaches were all about interesting containers. The first one was a lemon and then the third one was green pepper. Three others were sandwich-shaped boxes.

The only weird thing today was at "Princess Sandwich". In order to get to the cache site, you have to go down a steep slope into a ravine. I was about to do that when the elderly lady across the street asked me what I was doing. I told her I was going down to see the creek and suddenly she seemed concerned that I was crazy or doing something foolish. That was awkward! In the end, she left me alone. It really wasn't that tough a slope to descend. I think it was a 20-30% incline and the cache was a snap to find once I got to the dry creek area.

I was reading some geocache logs and I noticed that a geocacher's car was broken into at Delcastle Recreation Area. I know it happens sometimes and that's why I take everything of value with me if I'm going on a long hike. What's unnerving is that incident took place in broad daylight in a suburban park that is usually busy during the day. It's also not an area where the crime rate is especially high. I've been to that park about half a dozen times myself and not noticed anything untoward. I guess this explains why I saw police patrolling all the parks in Hatfield two weeks ago. There were probably car break-in incidents at parks over there too.

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