March 10th, 2012


Delaware County

Sunny, 37-45°F. You'd think after finding geocaches for seven days in a row, it'd lose its charm, but no. I'd planned on hitting a Ruby Tuesday in the evening to use a coupon, so I figured I should try some of the more physically-demanding geocaches to work up an appetite. So I stayed relatively close to home to tackle the harder ones in Delaware County. These are the 2.5 and 3-star geocaches I usually drive past on the way to other locations. Not so today. I gave each one a try. I did a lot of walking, mostly near Crum Creek in Swarthmore and Wallingford. Some geocaches were in brushy areas or required some hill-climbing, although nothing technical. Some were actually a lot easier than rated, which shows that sometimes, you never know until you actually get there and try it.

The most interesting location of the day was "Italian Water Garden Ruins" in Swarthmore. It's been taken over by woods but the circular stone structure remains. That must have been impressive back in the day. "The Game" was an interesting idea too. The cache wasn't unusual but in order to log it online, you have to answer a trivia question about the location. Luckily, it is a question that even someone, such as I, with no knowledge of sports can answer.

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