April 2nd, 2012


Mission Complete Flash Mob

Cloudy/rainy, 48-50°F. My plan for the day was to head northeast to Moorestown for the "Mission Complete! (flash mob)" geocaching event. Since it was in the evening, I geocached my way up through Westville, Oaklyn, Haddon, Collingswood, and Cherry Hill before heading to the event. The only two geocaches I did today with challenging terrain were "The Tunnel" and "Gully Rats Revisited" because I started late and didn't have time to do more tough caches. Neither were actually that hard once I saw which way I needed to go through the brush. I also did two walks along Newton Lake that weren't too long for "Resolutions" and "A Stroll Around Newton Lake". Those were pretty flat trails.

Just before 6pm, I headed over to the flash mob, which was in a strip mall parking lot in Moorestown. There was a meet-and-greet and a raffle for door prizes. Then we went into Bassett's Memphis BBQ. I had a Spicy Tornado, which is a pulled pork, chicken and brisket sandwich.

After the event, I continued geocaching around Cherry Hill and Mount Laurel. It was raining a bit so I picked only geocaches that were close to parking. There were quite a number of those in that area, so I went on a bit late into the night. I got the last cache of the night just a bit past midnight. However, it was near the I-295 on-ramp so I figured why not make one last stop? Anyway, it turned out to be a pretty full day with lots of variety in geocaches plus an event. Couldn't ask for more, except perhaps better weather.

The caches...Collapse )