April 8th, 2012


North Wales - The Groupon bakery errand

Sunny, 57-64°F. Today's geocaching trip was sponsored by Groupon! Well, not quite. What happened was they recently sent me a $10 bonus. So I scanned the whole region looking for a suitable Groupon deal to use that $10 bonus on. I found a $20-for-$10 deal at Hot Breads, a bakery in North Wales, so that's what I got. So the primary goal of today's trip was to visit that bakery and use the Groupon deal. Of course, I did a few geocaches on the way there. Then I stopped at Hot Breads and picked up a big bag of bread, toast, and snacks. Not bad for a free Groupon! Hot Breads is an Indian fusion bakery, so the snacks are curry-filled pastries and the bread is masala-flavored. I'm refrigerating the baked goods and reheating those as needed. That should take care of breakfast for at least a week.

After that, I went geocaching around North Wales, Upper Gwynedd, Lansdale, and Colmar. I'd been through the area recently, so this time, I tried some of the harder geocaches. The most difficult one turned out to be a cache that wasn't meant to be difficult. Apparently, a non-geocacher stumbled across "Alex's Excursion", took it, and tossed it about 130 feet from ground zero. I gave up looking for it but then I saw it by chance as I was leaving the park.

I also found the final caches for two puzzles. "What's At Stake? #18 - Sweepstakes" is a logic puzzle, which I like to do ever since I found out that I could do those. :) "Charis Industria" is a simple research puzzle once you find out what the name refers to.

The caches...Collapse )