June 11th, 2012

morton blvd

WWFM IX event and Maryland again

The weekend was two hot, sunny days with high temperatures over 90°F. On Saturday, I went to the Cohanzick Zoo in Bridgeton for the World-Wide Flash Mob IX geocaching event. There were WWFM IX events taking place in a number of locations around the region but all those events started at the same time (1pm), so I could only attend one. Since the Bridgeton event was the closest one to home, that was the one I picked. The Bridgeton event had a zoo animal theme and attendees were encouraged to wear an animal mask or hat. I actually considered going in fursuit but decided against it because of the heat. However, I did wear a tiger visor that I picked up at a craft store. After the event, I headed up to Berlin to continue the collection of geocaches I started doing in that town two weeks ago. I also took a brief side trip to Atco, Waterford, and the edge of the pine barrens but decided not to venture too deep because of lack of time.

On Sunday, I returned to Harford County, Maryland, to continue what I started the previous Sunday. Just before entering Harford County though, I stopped for a geocache near the Eastern Airlines Flight 605 memorial in Port Deposit. This crash on Memorial Day in 1947 was a tragic incident in aviation history. Then I crossed the Susquehanna River over into Harford County. This time I was prepared and had the geocache info preloaded on GPS and phone. I focused on the area surrounding Abingdon and parts of Bel Air, Edgewood, and Belcamp. Most of the geocaches were fairly common types, although "Get the Lead Out" was a rather creative hide. (It took a while to return the cache to its hiding spot though, so thank goodness no one came over to recycle engine oil while I was doing that!)

The caches...Collapse )