August 6th, 2012


Lancaster XXXXIX and Roxborough / Northwest Philadelphia

It was a sunny, hot weekend, 90-98°F, that ended in a thunderstorm. On Saturday, I went geocaching around Lancaster, going west from Ronks all the way to around Mountville. I hadn't been there in over two months so it was just a visit to do any new geocaches in that area. I didn't specifically target any series of caches, although there was a set of "Irish" geocaches in downtown Lancaster that was apparently placed for one of the monthly events. I also did a bunch more "Old Souls" geocaches, which were all in cemeteries.

I'd originally planned to go to Lehigh Valley on Sunday but I saw the approaching storm clouds in the weather radar and decided it would be better to remain local. So I went for some puzzle geocaches, near Plymouth Meeting and Conshohocken, for which I had the solution coordinates. Then I geocached in Roxborough the rest of the day. The "URR" series of geocaches are all along the trail around the Upper Roxborough Reservoir, which is just a dry basin now that it is no longer in use. The thunderstorm began in the early evening, so I went home at that time. We don't play around when there's lightning!

The caches...Collapse )