October 22nd, 2012


Kent County and Montgomery County

On Saturday, I only needed 13 geocaches to get to the 19000-finds milestone, so I figured I'd just go to Central Delaware and try some of the new ones. Then I headed west, where one of the interesting geocaches was this one in a tortoise shell. I've seen many of those in the woods but never figured anyone would use one. I continued westwards, ending the day in Denton, MD.

Sunday, I figured I'd continue where I stopped last weekend in Montgomery County. This time, I geocached in the towns of Abington, Willow Grove, and Hatboro. This really is a cache-dense area now. It seems that I can keep going week after week and still not run out of geocaches.

At Veterans Memorial Park in Hatboro, there were 3 geocaches. When I arrived at the park, I noticed people were setting up something in the front parking area. I went past them and found the 3 geocaches. As I was returning from the woods, I saw that there was a fair in full swing. There was a deer mascot. He looks more like a dog mascot from the front but there are antlers on the back of his head. There were also a stuffed fox and a goat at the Pennypack Ecological Trust table.

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