February 25th, 2013

morton blvd

Kent County and local DE/MD

It rained all day on Saturday but I figured I could still do some geocaches, as long as there wasn't too much walking. So I went for the Ted Harvey series in Kent County. These geocaches are all along a dirt road in the Ted Harvey Conservation Area. Only the last one, the TB Hotel, was beyond a closed gate and took about a 0.1-mile hike. I didn't get too wet from the rain. On the way to Ted Harvey, I noticed a big fire on Bay Road. The smoke was thick enough to obscure vision and slow traffic to a crawl on DE Route 1. It was still smoldering after I did the 17 Ted Harvey caches and returned to that area. Nothing to worry about though. I found out later that it was merely a training exercise for Dover-area firefighters. For the rest of the day, I just finished off the rest of the new caches in the county with a tour around Dover, Camden and Felton.

Sunday had good weather. There was a geocaching event in the northern Philadelphia area but at the last minute, I decided against attending that one. So I remained fairly local. After a Hardee's breakfast, I geocached in Elkton and Chesapeake City before returning to Newark, Pike Creek, and Wilmington. The last cache of the day was at the Greenbank Dam ruins and by then, I had 25 finds for the day, all within 20 miles of home. Not bad at all!

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