June 17th, 2013

No hunting

Hawaiian Flash Mob, Northwest Reading, Spring City / Royersford / Phoenixville

Saturday was interesting because I went to Blue Marsh Lake for the "Flash Mob - Let's Do the HULA" geocaching event. It was a Hawaiian-themed flash mob so everyone had a Hawaiian shirt and dollar-store leis. I had never met with the Blue Marsh geocaching group before but I'd already seen some of them at other events in southeastern Pennsylvania. The park itself was doing a scavenger hunt / informational event and our group had a table to hand out brochures to and educate the public about geocaching. After that, I went geocaching around Blue Marsh Lake, Bernville, Leesport, and the countryside to the northwest of Reading. The most challenging cache of the day was "MegaWheaties". I could see it with a flashlight but getting it out took a bit of ingenuity. I rigged together several tools with duct tape and I was surprised that actually worked in one try!

I had a late start on Sunday, so I decided not to travel out too far. Still, there were some geocaches to do around Spring City, Royersford, and Phoenixville. These were mostly those I skipped over on previous trips because of terrain ratings combined with rain, although I found that some of the 3-star and 4-star terrain caches weren't so bad. I guess the cache owner (Professor Benson, who placed a lot of 60s movie themed caches) was just being careful to warn others about the steepness of the slope. The best cache of the day was "Interpretive Trail at Black Rock Sanctuary". Although it's an 8-stage multicache, it was pretty easy because each stage only needed some info from an educational display along the interpretive trail. Most of those exhibits are simple signs but the best one is the giant bird's nest at the "Bird World" stage.

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