August 12th, 2013

face tree

Franconia, Levittown Legacy continuation, and ladder-caching

I headed out early Saturday morning to attend the "Franconia Cafe-vent" breakfast geocaching event in Montgomery County. It was a small event but a good launching-off point for a geocaching spree around Franconia, Telford, Souderton, Chalfont, and North Wales. I did get tired of the area in the late afternoon though, and decided to return to the home area and do a small cache series along Route 273 in Cecil County.

Sunday morning began with a bit of yardwork. I also took the ladder outside to clean the roof gutters, which were starting to grow maple saplings! Since I had the ladder out, I decided to bring it out to a new tree cache in Bear. Ordinarily, getting this cache would require climbing the tree but with a ladder in place, it was a snap to retrieve. I wasn't even sure how one would climb that tree otherwise, since there aren't any low branches to step up on, but some people may be good at shimmying up. Then, since I had the ladder with me, I might as well do another tree cache the same day. So I went to Mill Creek Park in Willingboro and found "A Bison Lives in Mill Creek". This one was a bit more challenging because the ladder almost wasn't long enough, but the cache was just within grasp. "The Owl's Nest", in the same park, also supposedly needed some tree-climbing but I found the log sheet significantly lower than intended, so I didn't need the ladder for that one after all.

For the rest of Sunday, I went around Willingboro finding the continuation of the Levittown Legacy series. Given that the entire series so far is within one town, the area's looking pretty packed! I also did a few other unrelated geocaches and the remainder of the Streak series in Burlington, Mt. Holly, and Mt. Laurel.

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