August 26th, 2013

morton blvd

August Rush

This weekend, I went across South Jersey for the August Rush series of geocaches. Like some of the other series I did recently, this one too was placed for the 31 days of geocaching, so there are 31 August Rush caches. These are not all in the same area though; there are a few clusters in Egg Harbor City, Woodbine/Belleplain, and Northfield. So I decided to also go for other caches in the same area to make the trips out there worthwhile and to make this series last a few days.

Saturday began with a few geocaches in Williamstown. After a stop for a water ice, I went into August Rush territory in Hammonton and Egg Harbor City. There are some rather devious geocaches in this area. "Sleepy time" was surprisingly difficult even though I thought I knew how it was hidden. "Lie Big" was the most tricky of all but I was lucky. I went around picking up random objects in the wooded area and one of those happened to be it. After that, I entered Mays Landing and finished the day with a walk on the Atlantic City Bike Trail.

On Sunday, I started in Millville. The problem in the downtown area there is caches seem to go missing after a while. It was very obvious where "The Stuff DREAMZ are made of" was supposed to be, so I left one of the micro containers I had on hand as a replacement. (A fellow cacher gave me a whole bag of tiny tubes at a recent event.) After that, I hit Peaslee WMA. There is a set of geocaches along Route 49 that's a mix of puzzles and traditional caches. The worst part of it was crossing busy Route 49 (weekend getaway traffic - long lines of cars going at full speed) since half the caches are on the other side, but there were intervals with no traffic every couple of minutes. After that, I went to Woodbine, Marmora, Somers Point, Linwood, Northfield, and finished in Mays Landing. (close to where I stopped for dinner on Saturday) There are still a few August Rush caches left to find but I think I'll wait until the area repopulates with caches.

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